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Episode 55 - Tiger Talk; Grammy’s; Ryan Adams

The Co-Write is here again!  This week we talk about how getting high in a vacant home could lead to an encounter with Earth's most majestic killer.  

We also have a full rundown of the 2019 Grammy Awards.  Including a break down of the winner, the Dolly Parton Tribute, and did I sense a bit of forced activism this year? 

Our final story is a bit of a nut kick for your humble hosts.  The New York Times released a report this week chronicling a cycle of psychological abuse against women by Ryan Adams.  We discuss what this means for the singer, the most alarming accusations in the story and how society handles accusations in this day and age.  

Erick Willis

Erick Willis

Episode 54 - Erick Willis

A day late, but not a dollar short ... The Co-Write is back!  This week we have a rather fun conversation with Erick Willis.  Erick is one of the most pure singers we've ever come across, and we've wanted to have him on the podcast for quite some time.  Aside from giving away he ingenious idea for an app, Erick tells us the story of ho he ended up being a formidable force in Texas music. In true Co-Write form, we offer our opinions of some hot topics like Cody Johnson, Dalton Domino & Evan Felker. 

Adam Hood

Adam Hood

Episode 53 - Adam Hood

On this episode, we sit down with the great Adam Hood.  We've been itching to have Adam on for a while, and we were so glad it finally worked out! On this marathon episode (we always wanted this one to be a long one), we talk about Adam's start in music, his integration into the Texas scene, his work in Nashville & and quite a bit more.