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Episode 57 w/ John Baumann

To say we had fun on this one would be an understatement.  This week we are joined by John Baumann.  An instant friend to The Co-Write.  John is the type of guy who fits well into any situation.  We talk a little about a lot. Including, the writing process, the grind, what it was like to have Kenny Chesney cut a song & a bit of rapid fire. Don't let the awkward start draw you offsides, this was an extremely good time caught on tape! 

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Episode 56 - Hip-hop vs free speech; r Kellly; leaving neverland; spotify, amazon and others sue songwriters; the masked singer

The Co-Write is back this week with a fun filled episode that truly runs the gamut.  

We talk about a group of hip-hop artists who have lent their expertise to the Supreme Court of the United States in a case against a rapper and free speech. 

R Kelly had a pretty bad week. 

The documentary, "Leaving Neverland", made it's much anticipated debut on HBO. 

Amazon, Google and some other music streaming services have challenged a new royalty rate increase of 44% by the copy write review board. One notable exception from the challenge is Apple Music.  

T-Pain shows some serious pipes on Fox's The Masked Singer. 


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Episode 55 - Tiger Talk; 2019 Grammy Awards; Ryan Adams Bombshell

A day late, but not a dollar short ... The Co-Write is back!  This week we have a rather fun conversation with Erick Willis.  Erick is one of the most pure singers we've ever come across, and we've wanted to have him on the podcast for quite some time.  Aside from giving away he ingenious idea for an app, Erick tells us the story of ho he ended up being a formidable force in Texas music. In true Co-Write form, we offer our opinions of some hot topics like Cody Johnson, Dalton Domino & Evan Felker.